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And as the photos indicate, the boat house is likely to be an obstacle for other river users in this busy but narrow stretch of water as it runs opposite the Upper Thames Motor Yacht Club.

First came the sound of bickering from the launch, then squabbling, and then hollering.

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This is the aerial view of the Clooney's riverside Aberlash House.The skipper attempted a three point turn heading starboard - that's right for any land-lubbers.But it soon became evident that he had underestimated the rate of knots at which the Juno Too was approaching the manoeuvre.With high fences, state of the art security cameras on every shore, and resident bodyguards on constant vigil, George Clooney's new estate on a private island in the Thames is something of a fortress.But as these pictures show, Fort Clooney came under attack from a rather unexpected enemy this week.All of which must have looked like quite a kerfuffle for whoever was watching at the other end of the CCTV camera which was located just inches from the man's behind.

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