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In any case, after that time, the city became part of the Kingdom of Hungary.

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This erupted with the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, where at one point the Austrians were gaining control of Transylvania, trapping the Hungarians between two flanks.The Emperor forwarded the memorandum to Budapest, and its authors, among them Ioan Raţiu and Iuliu Coroianu, were tried and sentenced to long prison terms for "high treason" in Kolozsvár/Cluj in May 1894.On September 26, 1895, Emperor Franz Joseph visited nearby Bánffy-Hunyad following the end of the Hungarian Army manoeuvres in Transylvania and was given an enthusiastic welcome by the townspeople, who built an arch decorated with the region's flowers and plants for the occasion.On August 19, 1316, during the rule of the new king, Charles I of Hungary, Cluj was granted the status of a city (Latin civitas), as a reward for the Saxons' contribution to the defeat of the rebellious Transylvanian voivode, Ladislaus Kán.Through the privilege granted by Sigismund of Luxembourg in 1405, the city opted out from the jurisdiction of voivodes, vice-voivodes and royal judges, and obtained the right to elect a twelve-member jury every year.During this time, Kolozsvár was among the largest and most important cities of the kingdom, and was the seat of Kolozs County.

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