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So i knocked up this simple little preg_replace to use the query string set by IIS when redirecting to a PHP error page.

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use "my_processing_function('\1')" or something similar as replacement expression, and do the fixing in that function).Since, an unhandled return-value of NULL usually creates a consecutive error in the application with unwanted and unforeseen consequences, I found the following solution to be quite helpful and at least save the application from crashing: You may or should also put a log-message or the sending of an email into the if-condition in order to get informed, once, one of your regular-expressions does not have the effect you desired it to have. I want to replace 'text' with '345' but this becomes a backreference to (which doesn't exist) and then it prints the remaining '34'.[Editor's note: in this case it would be wise to rely on the preg_quote() function instead which was added for this specific purpose] If your replacement string has a dollar sign or a backslash. The function down below will return a string that escapes the backreferences.Hello there, I would like to share a regex (PHP) sniplet of code I wrote (2012) for myself it is also being used in the Yerico sriptmerge plugin for joomla marked as simple code..To compress javascript code and remove all comments from it. (in compairison to other PHP solutions) and does not damage the Javascript it self and it resolves lots of comment removal isseus.//START Remove comments.the only problem being in the name attribute I follow common programming guidelines and have names like the following: event Date, event Time, user Email, etc.

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