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The same happened for Millership, an expert with turnaround experience in manufacturing, gaming, and technology. "We saw what happened with Avid," Segal said, explaining that they both undertook four months of due diligence on the company, digging into financials, meeting with the team, and discussing the issues with their own lawyers.

On average, 1.6 million unique active members visit the site every month, the company said.

Whether people will have an open mind about a company with such a troubled past?

That's a moment that Ashley Madison still needs to find.

As ruby focuses on security improvements, it can boast that roughly 17 million people have signed up for the site It took nearly a year for the company to find a new CEO.

Its previous executive, Noel Biderman, resigned soon after the data breach, which exposed customer data and many of his own embarrassing emails, including some that suggested he was having affairs himself, according to Buzzfeed News.

Around March 2016, a corporate headhunter reached out to Rob Segal, a marketer by trade.

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