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The chapters on music covering a little more than one fourth of the Natyasastra still remain to be done. De, due to whose kindness I could utilise the unpublished portion of the Abinavabh Sratl It is also a great pleasure to acknowledge the uniform courtesy of different officers of the Society from 1947-1950, especially Dr.

These when completed will be published in the second volume.

However, I considered it a duty to make strenuous efforts and proceeded patiently with the work and finished at last translat- ing the major portion of the Natyasastra. Suniti Kumar Chatterji, who has also helped me otherwise in connexion with this work.

I am now genuinely happy to place it before the scholarly public, not because it could be done in an ideal fashion, but because it could be finished at all. This help and his constant encouragement have rendered this work less arduous than it might otherwise have been.

a^ Dedicated to the memory of thom great scholars of India. ingenious interpretation of her Religion, Philosophy, Literature and Arts, have demon- strated the high ealiie of India- s culture to the World at large and ham helped her a reawakening and political alteration., and who by their discovery of the Universal aspect of this culture have made patent India's spiritual kinship with the other ancient nations of the World and ham paved the way for an ultimate triumph of Internationalism. (London) formerly Head of the Department of English in the University of Dacca, for reading the proof of the first twelve formes and also for going through in Mss.

From my first serious acquaintance with it in 1925 in connection with the editing of the Abhinayadarpana (Calcutta, 1934) this work has always engaged my attention in the intervals of other duties. the Superintendent of the office, whose patience I had to tax on different occasions in course of the publication. Kalidas Nag in connexion with the preparation and the publi- cation of this work.

Different classes of Heroine moving to their lover, p.

Preparation for the Conjugal Union, pi 471 ; 240-244.

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Though the musical terms occur- ring in the present volume remain undefined, the absence of chap- ters on music where they have been discussed, will not, it is hoped, seriously interfere with the understanding of the dramaturgy and histrionics treated here. ob L'J'n^T ' du Q 8 f' 8m6kc " tc - 8 - Midday 9U n, p. Pleasant 494 I N J t ^T bie Cte ' P - 494i11 - *■» ^ "alto! Chapter Twentyseven SUCCESS IN DRAMATIC PRODUCTION, Pages 511-526 1. (c) In the footnotes to the Introduction long : vowels, cerebral sounds andjthe labial sibilant have been indicated by italics. When the same number is repeated in two consecutive paragraphs, in the first place it will indicate the first hemistich and in the second the second hemistich. * (b) For the "manner of referring to dramas, see under the Bhasa- nataka-cakra in the'Bibliography (Original Texts). BIBLIOTHECA INDICA A COLLECTION OF ORIENTAL WORKS / — THE NATYASASTRA ASCRIBED TO B H A R A TA-M U N 1 TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH BY MANOMOHAN GHOSH, M. D- WORK NUMBER 272 [MDCCXLVI-MDCCXC1V ISSUE NUMBER 1559 CALCUTTA : ASIATIC SOCIETY 0J BENGAL 1, Park Street. 272 THE NATYASASTRA ■ A TREATISE ON HINDU DRAMATURGY AND HISTRIONICS THE NATYASASTRA A Treatise on Hindu Dramaturgy and Histrionics Ascribed to B H A R A T A - M f X I Vol. ( Chapters I-XXVII ) Completely translated jor the jirst time from the original Sanskrit with m Introduction and Various Notes M . But mention must be made of one important factor of this delay, viz., the inherent difficulty of this very old text which is not yet available in a complete critical edition. I wish to mention here vciy gratefully the debt I owe to Dr.

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