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If you are ever in doubt about plagiarism, consult your instructor." utoronto.ca/handbook.php? If you copy work from another student's website, and submit this for grading, it is also considered cheating, unless you have permission, and say what site it came from.

So-called visual art has done more than enough in the last hundred years to smudge the borders between disciplines.

Many instructors in undergraduate classes will explain plagiarism, and how to avoid committing this offence. Richardson wishes to remind you that If you "cut and paste" phrases and sentances from the Internet, without using ".", or without saying what URL it came from, this is considered plagarism.Terence Dick is a freelance writer living in Toronto.His art criticism has appeared in Canadian Art, Border Crossings, Prefix Photo, Camera Austria, Fuse, Mix, C Magazine, Azure, and The Globe and Mail. You can follow his quickie reviews and art news announcements on Twitter @Terence Dick.Another example is a new initiative from the Kaeja d'Dance company called Porch View Dances.They made a similar foray into the real in the neighbourhood around Christie and Bloor a couple weeks ago, successfully claiming public space away from cars and impersonal transit to introduce non-professional, home-based dancers who did more to make this a livable city than any property tax freeze in the last fifty years.Times change, but photography, not simply in content but in form, is memory.

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