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Our speciality is to offer you what you want and to design a Chile travel itinerary and / or Argentina travel itinerary and / or Patagonia travel itinerary as a personal, custom travel itinerary, personal, tailor made travel itinerary or bespoke chile travel itinerary that is within your stipulated budget, or make direct Chile travel reservations on your behalf.

Please enter the site for lots of information about Chile and Argentina or supply us with details on what you want and send your enquiry direct to: Previously we have created custom chile travel itineraries covering San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago, Valpariaso, Pucon, Puerto Varas, Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, Torres del Paine; and in Argentina covering El Calafate, Ushuaia, Bariloche, San Martin de Los Andes and Buenos Aires as well as activities such as ski, fishing, kayaking, wine tours, and cycle tours in both luxury-level hotels and services and less than luxury hotels.

Company chairman Russell Kashket said: 'He was very aware of the heat factor in the Abbey because he knew all the lights would make it very hot.

'He said he didn't want to faint, so we made some minor adjustments to ensure his comfort and save his blushes.'Everybody worries about what the bride will wear, but no one seems to think that the groom also wants to look his best on the day. 'We worked together to get the look he wanted, while making sure he didn't pass out in front of two billion people.

We have worked for the British government, the Chilean government and the Brazilian government; as well as having clients ranging from the normal citizen to the titled aristocracy and known celebrity, and we have produced travel experiences that cost from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.Persluchtinstallaties met een capaciteit vanaf 150 liter per minuut en een persluchtdruk tot 30 bar.Leidingnetten voor perslucht en gekoelde media, van kunststof, aluminium en gegalvaniseerd.Prince William had adjustments made to his wedding-day uniform, after fearing the heavy woollen material would make him pass out from the heat.The Prince commissioned military tailors Kashket and Partners to make his scarlet Irish Guards colonel's uniform - but they added sweat pads under the arms, material to absorb the heat, and reduced the padding after the Royal groom expressed fears that the temperature in Westminster Abbey would make him sweat profusely, or even pass out.We are flexible to create your required travel itinerary and we are able to do the ordinary or the extraordinary.

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