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contestant Rory Bushfield projects fearlessness on the diving board and on the slopes, but on the show this week the professional extreme skier exposes his vulnerable side as he opens up about the death of his wife, acclaimed freestyle skier Sarah Burke. “A lot of the craziest things I ever did were just kind of to impress Sarah.” Case in point: He proposed by spelling out “Marry Me Sarah” in rocks in a remote snow-covered field near Whistler, then flew her over the field to see it, according to his Splash bio.Burke, 29, died last January after a crash at the bottom of a superpipe during a training run in Park City, Utah. “My life’s changed drastically,” Rory, choking up, says in a clip of the show (watch below). Now, as a contestant on ABC’s celebrity diving competition, Bushfield knows exactly what Sarah would say to buck him up before a big dive.Flying a little higher in the sky, he launched out of the plane himself with a parachute strapped to his back and BASE jumped through the sky to the mountain, to the exact spot where his skis were waiting for him. On his parachute, one word was written in cursive red letters: Sarah.Rory Bushfield, or "Bushy" as he's known among friends, hasn't slowed down much in the three years since he lost his wife, legendary freeskier Sarah Burke, who died in January 2012 from injuries sustained in a halfpipe crash.The other day in the mountains of British Columbia, Rory Bushfield sat in the passenger seat of a small airplane flying low to the ground.

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He then ripped off his mask to reveal himself as Tony Hawk the 44-year-old skater and actor.When they weren't traveling the world looking for exotic adventures, they lived together in a home they remodeled themselves in Squamish, British Columbia.Together, they pushed each other to be the best they could be.He has also competed in slopestyle skiing before focusing on backcountry skiing and filmmaking.Rory Bushfield lost her beloved wife wife freestyle skier Sarah Burke in January, 2010, nearly two years before they got married.Bushfield hopes to continue that legacy, and through his work at the Sarah Burke Foundation, he and others have helped give out thousands of dollars in scholarships to rising skiers and other athletes in Burke's name over the past three years.

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