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Dwayne is currently expecting his first child with singer Lauren Hashian, who he has been dating since 2007.

In other Davina Twitter news, she shared on Thursday that she had discovered a bullet in her back garden.

Plus, Jazzy is excited to boss around and protect her lil’ sis.” Keep up with this story and more Monday night.

—and the super-strict regime is sure to shock you, as it consists of seven meals per day and more than 4,000 calories.

Of course, quickly downing four Big Macs will allow you to reach the same caloric intake, but The Rock is consuming protein-dense, low-calorie foods in order to build more muscle mass.

During an interview on Glamour Magazine's podcast Is It Just Me?

with hosts Jo Elvin and James Williams she said: 'I think Dwayne Johnson is hardworking, gives more than is expected, funny... I’m literally sending him messages all the time, I’m thinking "persist, persist! I just think he’s a nice guy, a really nice guy, great, positive energy.'She also joked in a chat with The Sun: 'I think The Rock seems like, and it’s not that I want to marry him, well, I do actually want to marry him, he seems like the nicest guy.' She added: 'I have a blue tick next to my name so I'm sort of thinking, "Do you think Dwayne Johnson is going to look at his tweets and go, "Oh hang on, there's a blue tick from a British girl, I'm gonna click on her.

“We took the time to clean up the areas we weren’t communicating in the right way.

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