Who is bruno mars dating right now


With a Meta Critic score of 81, “A Deeper Understanding” was a bigger hit with critics.It also offers a softer, more universal brand of rock music that could have gotten heavy radio airplay in the 1990s, before Top 40 stations essentially abandoned the genre.This young duo may be the hottest right now with music fans, but Grammy voters are a different crowd.Jay-Z has won 21 Grammy Awards and leads all nominees this year with eight bids.As the song continues to grow and climb up every chart possible (keep in mind it only dropped two days ago), Bruno Mars is feeding his fans with the story of how it all came together.Taking to Instagram, Bruno shared a seemingly-spontaneous selfie with Cardi B, both artists rocking sunglasses and tongues-out, with a caption that explained how they met in the first place.Add in his wife, who holds 22 Grammys of her own, and you’ve got a slam dunk.

Luke, for sexual assault, Kesha reemerged with her most personal, critically-acclaimed collection of songs to date.Out Kast remains the only rap act to win Album of the Year, and that was way back in 2004 for “Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.” On the flip side, Mars is a respected vocalist, musician and performer who has six Grammy nominations this year and five past wins to his name.He’s coming off a win for Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards, so it should shock no one if this more traditional choice claims the top prize at the Grammys.Where could you score some major points in our contest by calling the right long-shot for the win?Take a look at my top five potential spoilers below. Sound off in the comments, and let us know which artist you think will claim the most shocking win on music’s biggest night.And in the era of the #Me Too movement Grammy voters may feel compelled to shine a light on one of the bravest, most outspoken celebrities in the fight against sexual violence.

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