What to know about dating a chinese man


Her passion knows no bounds and she will fight to the end even if she loses everything.You have a hard time understanding the Tiger's personality.

What I know is this though, no matter how much a male rat and tiger female do not work out, they can still be friends with one another. Not sure how it would be if it was a female rat and tiger male. We have been married for 27 years and are still going.She is intense and magnetic, and has her fair share of admirers, but doesn't always impress the right people.She is more concerned with doing what she feels is right, even if it angers people in high places.People have used their Chinese horoscopes to learn these things for years.Your Chinese zodiac sign can tell you a lot about how likely your romance is to flourish with someone of the same or another sign. You enjoy yourself at parties without needing to be in the spotlight, and you easily win friends.Although you should consider the tiger's astrological sun sign. it's any tip that you guy's can give me?? and I like it he said openly "I treat u" during dating... without them expecting.1 thing abt rat men is that they r a giver... private (Im very open) so that kind of men makes fantastic partner... My instinct says we can be more meaningful and take a step further in the near future. one of my best and favorite relationships was with a male/rat.

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