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By-Laws Passed The Senate unanimously passea an addition to the existing law concerning club charters.

The change ot Ti- cially allows senators to "choose not to charter a club if he/she believes that it has no merit or does not service the best interest of the Brandeis community." The law- allows senators to "vote their consciences." according to one senate member.

For more information call Professor Laura Gold in at xa3075.

This Week's Bull If you want your club meetings announced in "This Week's Bull," e mail the name of the chartered club, the name, time, date and location of the event, a brief description of the event and the name and the name and phone number of a contact person to bullrr/ 1 1 998 the Justice 3 just News Hill and Reich discuss public leadership By Deboffxih Eisner Justice Editorial Board Professors Robert Reich (HS) and Anita Hill (WMNS) talked to a group of over 300 people about public leadership and public service in today's society at Friday's Oneg Shabbat..

Kngaging Against Negative Sub- stances (CLEANS) and the Health Educa- tion Leadership Program (HELP) will sjionsor maiiy of the events and activities duriniz the month. -Rajat Chopra Hillel reaches out to community Generations, a Hillel sponsored group that conducts programs for Senior Citi- zens throughout the year, prepared its members for the holiday season at an event last night.

The schedule for the upcoming weeks includes a movie marathon Saturday night in the Castle Commons, an after- Screw food event called the After Glow in th^^ Boulevard on Nov. and a series of different forums, dorm raps and informa- tion tables in Lsdan.

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Il vantaggio nel conservare in casa sta nel fatto che il prodotto è di stagione e non di serra o proveniente da fuori,certamente non è subito una passeggiata ma da soddisfazione poi durante l’inverno gustare quei frutti o ortaggi .coperchio,nel fornello medio a fiamma alta.

Interested parties should contact Daniel Losk at x 9731 1. Once again, the money will be used to maintain the Memorial CJarden. The demonstration is to demand a professionally run campus- wide recycling program from the administration.

Second annual Robert's Run to be held The Brookline Raptors and the Brookline High School Cross Country team would like to invite Brandeis students to compete in the second annual Robert's Run . Robert Hookston's '00 memory has survived him at Bran- deis with the founding of the Gay. Please ('ontact Debra I*ace, assistant cross-r-ountry coach at Brookline High School at (fil7; 734-9689 for further informa- tion and applications. cycling: Kveryone Actively Coming Together) will be holding a rally on Nov. Please call the Environmental office at xf477H with any questions.

The group made Chanukah presents for senior citizens that th^-y will be visiting at the Campus Hctu.^e m Newton later this month. co-founder of the Generations club, said that the group made keychains with Chanukah decora- tion- on them because "'they are some- thir.

L' that we ran give them (the senior eiri/«Miv, That th^y can keep and remem- ber U- bv ■ .

Quando la lancetta raggiunge il primo settore rosso aprite e distribuite le fette di melanzana coprendo tutto il fondo senza comprimere,chiudete e aspettate che la lancetta raggiunga il settore nero “ore 13”.

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