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I have a meeting with my investor later today and I am using your suggestion for numerical goal and a breakdown of how I am going to get there for each month. We all know failure and getting back on the horse are a main ingredient to achieving success but the little moments that were eye-opening are what I think hold a lot of value (a la Tim sharing in Denver that changing your geography really 'sunk in' and opened new lines of thought/action for you). In the short time there with Tired Timbo, you nailed it.

Promoted the podcast on my company's Twitter account with a GIF of a freaking-out Kermit the Frog. Dear Chief Sumo Taco Dude (and expert at making me send you money for goods) loving the podcast, esp the Jason Fried one.

Always leave with a positive feeling after one of your webinar/presentations. Ive been an entrepreneur since I was 15 and actually through you I started following rich20something, which oddly enough now brought me back to you and your new podcast. I left a review - told my peeps about you - and I'm excited to hear all your podcasts! I was ecstatic to help promote this once I checked out the first episode, and also posted on Facebook and Twitter. I remember first listening to you back when you were doing Action Stream (? I've been kind of swearing off listening to yet another interview with a business dude, because I've kind of overdone it (with lesser mortals). But I wanted to enter your contest, shameless admission, and I had to walk the dog, and the only new podcasts on my phone are political, and I just needed a fricking break today from any political antics. I ended up face to face with a sign I have never ever seen before, a not-new sign warning of hunters (bow and arrow and guns). We can do transcriptions and translations for polish language. I’m sure there are other Marcin in Germany, France and so one who would love to help you - “If you help me reach 100k downloads this month I will run naked over the Bat Bridge” that’s just a suggestion. Try to imagin: 5k of us in one time watching your FBlive, and than you ask us “pls share this FBlive” 80% will do it in a seconds. I joined the Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur course and it's a simple course that goes over the very basics of entrepreneurship, the psychology and framework to keep trying until something sticks.

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Specifically, drilling into the specifics on Episode 2 of what worked, what didn't and how to go deeper with goals.

Noah has been my number one source for internet marketing concepts for years now and I love App Sumo as a product. If you held him to the "are you single" question you might have found yourself moderating the 2020 debates! Keep it up and I'll be sure to tune in often Noah "Tacos" Kagan!

While some of the guests are familiar, the interview content isn't repetitive of other shows (good job!! My only disappointment is that the podcast wasn't called "Taco Tuesdays Every Day with Noah Kagan" or at least prominently featured a taco in the album art. Hopefully, when I take my trip to Austin I will be able to meet him when I try to talk my way into an App Sumo tour. The Timmy F interview was awesome asking him hard questions that he doesn't usually get asked. We are "all" tired of hearing the success stories and want to hear "Rags" part of the stories, who they reached out to for help in their desperate hours, who they surrounded themselves with for success, and what was done to turn the Ship around.

Reviewed the podcast [It's the review that ends like a pirate always ends his reviews/convo’s], CHECK. Shared with my fellow pirate captains & shipmates on twitter and in the co-working boat, CHECK. I made sure I listened to each episode before blessed you with five stars. If I don't get an opportunity to personally beat you in chess, just know you have added a tremendous amount of value to my life over the past few days. His talk inspired me to think differently about the art of startups. As I said in my i Tunes review, I've found myself in a much less supportive and dreams-posistive living environment than I've known before, and having voices and real humans to look to and up to in this really accessable way is a lifeline for me. I already had some friends to listen especially after I introduced them to your writing at Ok Dork. Hoping to be amazing enough to have a conversation with you one day, much less you mention me in any one of your resources.

My email list and company is so small I called and told them all individually. You do talk kinda fast, so one has to listen really carefully to catch everything. I heard Noah speak at a lean startup con in Austin 5 years ago. I've only listened to the one episode so far, but it's completely bringing me back to podcasts as of today, regardless of the contest. I look forward to both listening to the rest of the journey here, and perhaps crossing paths one day when I am more of what I can be, which won't be without help, some, most appreciatedly, from you, your companies and your guests. *hugs* Looking forward to playing Disc Golf with you one day or sharing some adventures in Thailand. I wanna be just like you when I grow up (wipes tear from my eye).

I ear guzzled all 5 launch week podcast episodes and they did not disappointment. Keep it up, and if you ever need some mandolin to go with that banjo, hollar at me. I have always searched out podcasts where he is a guest so it's great that I will be able to find him regularly on his own show.

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