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I think it was a book called "Out of the Shadows", by Patrick Carnes, where I read (a long time ago) that it was inherited. Anyway, thanks for your comments, as usual they make perfect sense! I strongly oppose placing Internet porn addiction into the catch all category of sex addiction.Although porn existed before the Internet, sex addiction was used to described addiction to having lots of casual sex with actual people, as in Tiger Woods.For a diagram with only co-linear forces, determine the net force acting on a system and between the objects.1.6 Distinguish qualitatively between static and kinetic friction, and describe their effects on the motion of objects.Guys never discussed it, and I've been in a lot of locker rooms and bars in my life.

) has this problem, and feels ashamed so never talks about it. I have also got this problem, but I don't know if how inevitable it was. I doubt there is much else I can do, but I'm just raising the topic because I'm concerned... Most diseases and all behaviors result from the interaction of multiple genes and the environment.sir, Thakyou for such a wonderful website I am a new person because of you...I almost completed 1000 days with out single fap but yesterday I just jerked and tested how my p*s hard .,unfortunately 2 drops of sperm leaks out suddenly I control to avoid full loss.. Would about six weeks to two months be a good estimate? This question isn't that important, because it'll take as long as it takes, but I'm just starting recovery and would like to know what to expect, because even six weeks from now seems like an eternity. I think it's been said, that older men who have looked at the hi speed porn recover faster because that grew up on either no porn, or just VHS & a magazine each month.I am fine now but I feel little memory loss eg.,15/100 is it normal? The younger you were when you started, combined with how long it's been done, is what contributes to the severity of withdrawal & how long it will take to reboot.However I have just started dating a great girl, who understands that I have a problem with porn and performance. It may not be what you have in mind, but its the best approach for someone going through a reboot.Can I still have sex with her, despite my inability to orgasm with her? Check out this link - On our other website ( ) we talk a lot about another way to make love. This link describes it - "Another Way to Make Love" This link talks about bonding behaviors - "The Lazy Way to Stay in Love" Whatever you do - do NOT try to force an erection or orgasm with fantasy, as that is overriding your brain saying no.When it comes to addiction one can inherit certain genes that increase the risk of becoming an addict.

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