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Enlightened Daters operate in the realm of all-possibility, far beyond limitation of the conditioned mind.

Inside you'll access the best in support and training from 'conscious' relational experts from around the world!

Discover the amazing nutritional benefits of hemp and learn to use it, learn to make Ani’s best loved sin free sweet raw creations, and discover benefits and the simplicity of making saurkraut and kefir.

The Buddhafield Festival is a fundraising event for it’s parent charity Triratna Buddhafield.

He works as the voice-over man on tours of his hometown of Pove.

the blacksmiths, the church, the 'Hanging Judge' pub, or the Roman bridge), he tells the people a little bit about the place, and then also says something about what his wife Eileen (they've been married at least 32 years, and the details become more vulgar as the tour proceeds) did to him there: In Series 1 Deleted Scenes, Len is still working on the bus tours; however, he has a French woman on the bus (presumably Matt Lucas), who keeps needing to sit down when she and her husband get off the bus.

One year ago NFTS host Nicole Whitney teamed up with "EFT Wizard" Brad Yates to create an amazing home study audio program that would give listeners a tool to INSTANTLY remove their subconscious blocks to LOVE BEYOND BELIEF!

Use this time at the festival to take a step back and review your lifestyle.

(coughs)" as well as offering bizarre substitutes to requests.

Anne has appeared in all seasons and had a Stars In Their Eyes sketch for Little Britain Live.

In Little Britain Abroad, Anne met the Pope and went to the Louvre in Paris, from where she stole the Mona Lisa.

Authentic Relating & Authentic Consent & Sexual Consent 101 With Rosa Martin and Richard Loizou.

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