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The church was closed in 1806, the monastery taken over by the military, and its art moved to the Accademia Gallery.

An aisleless nave with three communicating side chapels on each side.

Built in 1932 to a neo-gothic design by engineer A. A tablet on the far right of the faade commemorates this.

This church burned down in 1474 and was rebuilt and enlarged, reopening in 1511 and dedicated to St Peter Martyr.

It came here in 1815 and was just recently returned to this church after years spent in restoration.

Saints Nicholas, Charles Borromeo and Lucy by Palma Giovane, which came from the demolished church of Santi Biagio e Cataldo on Giudecca. ) Tintoretto of The Baptism Of Jesus, which came from above the high altar of the demolished San Giovanni dei Battuti on Murano.

It is now thought to be largely or wholly a studio work.

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