Value dating system


When a guy approaches you in a bar, regardless of your attraction for him, you: Smile and look at him: 1 point Pretend like you don’t notice him coming: 0 points Frown and tell him you’re talking to your friends before he even gets a chance to say Hi: -1 point 28.

On a first date the check arrives for dinner and drinks.

You: Offer to split the check or even pay in full: 1 point Smile and thank the guy when he pays for the check: 0 points Forget to thank him after he pays for your ungrateful ass: -1 point 29. Unlike the men who took my Male Dating Market Value test, I do not expect *any* women to be completely honest with themselves taking the Female Dating Market Value test.

The lower the number, the more likely you will find yourself surrounded by cats. My morning face looks the same as my evening face: 1 point 3. (This relates tangentially to your ability to connect emotionally with a man.) Under 85: -1 point 85 to 100: 0 points 101 to 120: 1 point 121 to 145: 0 points Over 145: -1 point ***** The following ten questions deal with the physical attractiveness of your body. Your breast size is: Bee stings up to A cup: -1 point B cup: 0 points C cup: 1 point D cup, naturally firm: 2 points DD cup, firm: 1 point E cup and up: 0 points 5. Get a tape ruler and measure around your waist and your hips. This ratio is: 0.65 to 0.75: 1 point 0.55 to 0.64: 0 points under 0.55: -1 point 0.76 to 0.85: 0 points 0.85 to 0.95: -1 point over 0.95: -2 points 13. Remember this the next time someone tells you beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Lesbians will also give you an accurate appraisal as long as it is through a third party and not directly to your face. Adjust your rating based on how close your facial morphology matches one or the other. 1 to 2: -10 points 3 to 4: -5 points 5: -1 point 6: 2 points 7: 5 points 8 to 9: 8 points 10: 12 points 15. No acne, blemishes, or poorly located moles: 0 points Some combination of the above: -1 point People are always telling you how silky smooth your skin looks: 1 point 16. Yes, minor: -1 point Yes, major: -10 points No: 0 points 17. Pencil thin: -1 point Average: 0 points Juicily plump: 1 point Weirdly oversized: 0 points 18. Is the distance between your eyes: Wide: 1 point Average: 0 points Narrow: -1 point The bottom line on female facial beauty is that as the lower half of her face becomes smaller and more delicate, making her eyes and cheekbones appear more prominent, the better looking she will be.I’m sure everyone knows a 34 year old woman who is just as hot as the average 22 year old girl, but the exceptions don’t make the rules.And a note on BMI: I used the 1959 Met Life height-weight insurance charts as guides as they are the most accurate (before American “grade inflation” made obese the new normal).Almost always: 1 point Occasionally: 0 points Almost never: -1 point 26.You are highly competitive and often play co-ed team sports. My shelf is filled with trophies: -1 point I like to exercise on nice days with one on one sports like tennis: 1 point I’m competitive with other girls, but not guys: 0 points 27.You’d best describe your sense of fashion as: I’m a label whore: -1 point I hide my body under baggy tees and ill-fitting jeans: -1 point I wear casual clothing that flatters my figure: 0 points I wear stylish clothing on weeknights and I can handle heels over 3 inches: 1 point My flip flops have my foot imprint in them: -2 points ***** SCORING There is a minimum of -83 points and a maximum of 64 points to earn based on the questions asked.

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