Validating the destination file paths


This is only intended for use when necessary for compliance with App Store policies.

Note that some users use their Google account to sign in to Dropbox.

While this provides a human-readable error string, "error_summary" should not be used for programmatic error handling.

To disincentive this, we append a random number of "." characters at the end of the string. If present, it includes a message that can be shown directly to the end user of your app.

When browser-based Java Script code makes a cross-site HTTP request, the browser must sometimes send a "pre-flight" check to make sure the server allows cross-site requests.

You can avoid the extra round-trip by ensuring your request meets the CORS definition of a "simple cross-site request".

In order to comply with Google's policy against processing the OAuth flow inside a web-view, you should not display this web page inside a web-view. Where to redirect the user after authorization has completed.

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