Validating australian visa

Cable subject headings must follow the following format: CONSULAR: (category of case): (type of case): FAMILY NAME, given name, middle name For example: Use of this name format is required to ensure accurate details are recorded, particularly when names do not follow the naming convention used in Australia.

Cables should reference the last cable sent by either Consular Operations or the post.Consular officers should avoid contact through less formal channels (Facebook, Whats App, text and instant messaging and so on) unless it is deemed necessary. Officers should carefully assess whether the identification of third parties is appropriate and/or necessary in their reporting.In general, to ensure case records are as comprehensive as possible, consular officers should record details of third persons in CIS where there is an established link to the case.The Department aims to give consular assistance to Australian citizens whose welfare is at risk abroad, while respecting their rights to privacy. Those more frequently experienced are covered in this Handbook however it is not possible to cover all situations.Part 3 provides details on financial assistance for welfare and repatriation cases.Post attention is drawn to the urgent need to report disasters and emergencies.

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