Updating sonicstage


Thankswarlock Unregistered guest Posted on Tuesday, February 08, 2005 - pm: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stage Download the above is a beautiful link to the latest 2.3 sonicstage software - it downloads the small installer first and then the full files (approx 35 meg) - thankyou sooo much Jordan for the link - it works a treat My Sonicstage 3.2 and does not recognize my memory stick driver.

It's a built in driver but still it won't appear in sonicstage.

Before updating the firmware, return all music files and data files of the unit to the computer.It was one of those illigal error things, but it kept shutting down the program before I could do anything.Today I tried deleting the that was causing the error and re-installing the whole program over again. I have installed sonistage 2.0 ,my pc detect the minidisc when i conect to usb but sonistage ask me about software that isnt i open sonicstage i only can make an Atrac Cd and i want to make Net Md.If the newer versions work as well then I can just get that.I really wish I'd just got an i Pod tho by the sounds of all the trouble Sonic Stage seems to cause.Can anyone tell me what i would do so the memory stick drive would appear in my sonicstage? I have found Sony Network Walkman NW-E407(512Mb)on the street. Problem is that my new mp3 no matter what I do always return information Data Error.

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