Updating phone loads in 2811

Physical and Mental Criteria, Including Vision Standards Relating to the Licensing of Drivers; Field of Vision; Loss of Consciousness Updates field of vision requirements for all license holders and requirements for license holders that have had more than one episode of loss of consciousness in the preceding 12 month period.

Modern Taxicab Standards Requires all vehicles proposed for medallion taxicab service after a designated date to be wheelchair accessible and comply with the wheelchair accessible regulations, including vehicle age and mileage requirements.

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Conservation of Pennsylvania Native Wild Plants Updates the classification lists of native wild plants, the scientific and common names of certain native wild plants, and the reference source that DCNR uses for the names of native wild plants.Outpatient Psychiatric Services and Psychiatric Outpatient Clinics Updates current regulations pertaining to the delivery of outpatient psychiatric services and the operation of psychiatric outpatient clinics.Intermunicipal Transfer of Retail Licenses Amends existing regulations relating to intermunicipal transfer of retail liquor and eating place retail dispenser licenses to be consistent with Act 155 of 2006.Securities Regulations Omnibus Amendments Updates existing regulations and makes them consistent with the North American Securities Administrators Association model rules and the Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.Hauling in Excess of Posted Weight Limit Updates existing regulations regarding the use of weight restricted highways by vehicles and combinations having a gross weight in excess of the posted weight limit.Requirements for Qualified and Certified Reinsurers Deletes the requirements that an alien reinsurer be listed on the National Association of Insurance Commissioners "Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurers" to be considered as a qualified reinsurer.

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