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The firmware updates aren’t technically destructive to the data on the disks though don’t tempt fate and double check that you do in fact have a backup handy – just in case. Although straight forward there are a few more steps involved than the online ROM flash method.

Method #1: Online ROM Flash for Firmware Updates v1.84 (Latest) To install the firmware update via the online ROM flash component all you do is download and run the version matching the OS you are currently running on your ML110/ML115. First visit the ML110 or ML115 driver and software downloads page on the HP site.

These cheaper 100 series Proliants do offer a threat to the other larger Proliant servers as they do offer very good value for money and good performance especially with the release of the multi-core and faster processors.

Now before proceeding make sure you have backed up your data on the disks attached to the E200 array controller. Method #2: USB Firmware Flash Utility v1.72 I thought I’d provide a step by step guide for those of you wanting to take it to v1.72 via a USB memory stick only.

We heartily thank open SUSE, Thomas Zimmermann, Debian.org, Bruno Canning, the Fedora Project, Ed Marshall, and other people and organizations for making these available.

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Most HP E200 array controllers I’ve seen usually come with the earliest firmware applied (ie: 1.20). If attempting to download the E200 firmware update from either the HP ML110 or ML115 support pages on the HP site you will notice that the last available download is stated as being v1.72 () when the latest version (at the time of writing this article) is in fact v1.84 (26 August 2009).There are many of you out there that after buying an HP Proliant ML110 or ML115 find that the onboard SATA controller just doesn’t offer the functionality or performance that you require for your SMB or VMware virtualization lab.There are a few good cost effective alternatives such as the Dell PERC 5 or HP Storage Works E200 array controller out there on the market which work quite happily with VMware v Sphere, both of which you can pick up for a decent price on EBay from time to time.If your R installation is up-to-date, it will return FALSE.If you choose to download and install a newer version.There's an option for copying/moving all of your packages from the current R installation to the newer R installation which is very handy.

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