Updating maps on tomtom go 920 are online dating sites a waste of time


A major gripe on the Tom Tom site is the time the downloads take.Best advice is to do it with a wired connection in your own home. I worked good right out of the box but that is as far as it went.And I have to tell you the thing that is needed most is available the least, at least during the daylight hours. I'm a Delivery driver and I use this almost every day. Once I got the settings set to my standards, it was an easy time to get from point a to point b.This was purchased to replace my aging Tomtom XL One. Inputting the address is different and more direct than the XL. I do NOT like that you cannot customize the pointers or the night colors like you can in the XL.However the GO 50S is a lot more precise with its ability to get you to the door stop.

Don't know about Magellen as I've never owned one. If it doesn't ask you to download it when you set up your account just get it off the internet. Some of the features on my older Tom Tom are no longer available but they are not missed.I like being able to 'save' my trip as many of mine are done monthly.Enter it once, save and name it, and it's always there. If you are in a rural area you won't see anything different.The sound quit several months ago and the latest updates were too large to fit, so I purchased this 6" unit.Installed it yesterday and have got it pretty much down now.At Tom Tom, we're all about helping you get around.

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