Updating from windows xp to windows vista what does steve harvey say about online dating


Here's the Windows XP machine running Windows Easy Transfer.

I've never see an "Easy Transfer cable" in the real world, but apparently they do exist on Amazon.

You found it on the intertubes for free, so what do you expect. My relative has a nice basic Dell desktop with a gig of RAM and a 100 gig HD.

The machine is 3-4 years old, so I didn't think a Windows 7 install would be unreasonable.

The problem here, and with most OS installs regardless of vendor is that, at some point, reading and comprehension is required.

Unless you're lucky enough to just click "next, next, next, finish," you need to read.

This is a screenshot heavy post, so bear with me, this is a tale best told with pictures.;) Why yes, Windows Easy Transfer, this IS my old computer.Next it found the 3 accounts on this XP machine as well as Shared Items and started tallying them up.In fact, Vista never gained huge market share to begin with; many Microsoft customers opted to stick with the pleasing and reliable Windows XP for marathon. The embarrassment would be just as bad as the malware.You've likely heard that you can't straight upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7.Which means, if you're somehow stuck with Microsoft's least popular operating system, it's time to move on. That lack of support after April 11—which applies to Internet Explorer 9 as well—doesn't just mean basic inattention.

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