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I'm on the fence when it comes to the Curve's non-touch-sensitive screen.

On one hand, the display is small enough that using a touch screen would frustrate, and besides, the optical touch pad does just fine for navigation.

It isn't anywhere near as advanced as the refreshed review where the devices' features overlap.

Design Any way you look at it, the Curve 9370 is a pixie of a phone.

The keys are a hair larger and rounder than on previous models, though the overall keyboard is still quite small compared with the Bold's.

Yet, because the keys are separated and raised, typing posed no problem.

On the other hand, the Curve 9370 and its nearly identical siblings are among the only smartphones today that actually lack touch-screen capabilities. Surely, at this point in the smartphone game, phone owners deserve a choice as to whether they want to punch a screen or a button.

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Unfortunately, the entry-level Curve lacks some of the finish needed to make a premium-looking device.

It's high time you met the phone's other externals.

On the left spine is the Micro-USB charging port, while the right spine is home to a very skinny volume rocker and a similarly slim customizable shortcut key.

For more details on Black Berry 7 OS, read CNET's .

The Curve 9360 also supports GPS and Bluetooth, and uses Microsoft's Bing search service by default.

The Curve 9730 does offer one feature unique to RIM's updated Curve series, and that's an extra SIM card slot that makes the phone global-ready.

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