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This is from a 1999 Acoustic Fisc CD called which is also available from Amazon.

There isn't any banjo on this cut, but it is still really great.

There is also an right hand exercise in the backward roll, to get you used to it.

The backward roll is featured in the B part, the chorus, which modulates to the key of D.

The first is a 1944 film of Bob Wills, which now features his vocalist Tommy Duncan. The original fiddle key was D/A, but I have set the tune in G/D, where I think most bluegrassers play it. San Antonio Rose TEF San Antonio Rose Left Hand Patterns San Antonio Rose Lyrics Right Hand Exercise, Backward Roll San Antonio Rose MP3 (Wills) San Antonio Rose MP3 (Seldom Scene) San Antonio Rose MP3 (Adcock) San Antonio Rose MP3 (Sparks) San Antonio Rose You Tube (Wills) San Antonio Rose You Tube (Asleep at the Wheel) San Antonio Rose You Tube (Haggard): This lesson is going to feature the forward roll, using my own arrangement of Bob Wills' great western swing standard, San Antonio Rose, AKA Rose of San Antone. Bob now plays with his banjo picking brother Dave, in a fine group they call Blackstone Valley Bluegrass. The last video is a 1992 performance by a now disbanded western Massachusetts bluegrass band, Bear Acker and Billings Gap, with Jerry Oland on banjo, and Bob Dick on bass. The second MP3 is a recording I made of an outdoor jam session I participated in at the Clifftop Appalachian Music Festival in July, 2008.

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