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Ulvaeus later slipped into the arms of Lena Källersjö, an advertising executive to whom he remains happily married. She fell first for a Swedish ice hockey star, then for a fashion designer, and later for her marriage guidance counsellor.

In 1990, she married Tomas Sonnenfeld, a Stockholm doctor, but the union lasted barely two years.

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Björn and Benny created those beautifully polished pop tunes, Anni-Frid provided the funk, but it was Agnetha’s pure voice and arresting beauty that made the group both eye-catching and irresistible to the ear.But it comes and goes."With a new album entitled A the 62-year-old explained that she had to take some time away from the public eye before making more music."I felt I must have a little peace and tranquillity.The details of Agnetha Fältskog’s return to pop remain sketchy, although it is safe to assume that the rarely-spotted ex-Abba singer has given more thought to her comeback than she did to joining the business in the first place.Her romance with Dutch trucker Gert van der Graaf attracted the most media attention.He apparently moved to Sweden to be nearer to and the pair began a relationship that lasted two years.What the average rock star accepted as adulation, she saw as something close to intimidation.

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