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A feature film is currently slated for a 2020 release date. James "Jimmy" Poplopovich, Sr, better known as Jimmy Pesto, is the owner of Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria and is Bob's primary business rival. Jimmy is the father of Jimmy Pesto, Jr., Tina's primary love interest, and twin boys Andy & Ollie Pesto. , Glitter, Marbles, and Cha-Cha reveal to Bob that Jimmy Pesto is a regular at a fetish club called the Desire Dungeon.For these reasons, it falls very close to is rerunning on Cartoon Network's [adult swim] on a regular basis and has a comic book adaptation from Dynamite Comics.On October 7, 2015, the show was renewed for seasons 7 and 8.

Despite the greasy counters, lousy location and occasionally spotty service, Bob and his lovable and quirky family are convinced their burgers are their ticket to success.

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Bob's Burgers follows a third-generation restaurateur, Bob, as he runs Bob's Burgers with the help of his wife and their three kids.

In The Deepening he is seen attending the block meeting in Bob's Burgers.

Another non-speaking appearance for Jimmy Pesto is in the final moments of Nude Beach where we see a shot of Jimmy inside his restaurant.

Bob and his quirky family have big ideas about burgers, but fall short on service and sophistication.

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