Teacher dating 18 year old former student

I turned 18 in April on a Friday, 2 months before I graduated, and on my birthday after school- my teacher asked me, "why are we still at the school?

He took a walk with my father around the school which I thought was weird but I let it go.

We made it to the restaurant and we had a perfect meal, which he paid for, and talked about ourselves and our experiences-- places we could see ourselves in a few years, things we wish we did and things we still want to do. We never kissed, or even got each other's cellphone number...

which in the end made things a lot better because I never had to worry about if he was going to text me or not, or if kissing him was wrong! There were beautiful clear skies and the sun was bright and warm.

But he replied, "I like that we hang out, too," with a huge smile, "it's perfect.

We just connect, I guess." The entire drive we listened to a CD I made for him the beginning of my junior year and reminisced things that happened during our 'after school extravaganzas'. (which my parents loved), and again wished me a happy birthday along with a hug.

Going back into his class my junior year, he was much more flirtatious and let me get away with literally anything.

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