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Parts and equipment are available should they be deemed necessry.Air pumps, submersible pump, air switch and float switches are really the only components that may fail.Most of these issues are indicators to help tune the systems performance. Nice having one of these systems myself cause I can monitor changes and learn what procedures change certain indicators. Hard to detail 5 years of servicing here this is why it is preferential to find a service technician if possible because special equipment is required such as testing equipment, higher volume air pumps etc.Air blast and chem wash procedures have to be completed with caution so I dont necessarily recommend them for the novice.Since I started the "Biolytix in Liquidation" thread a couple of weeks age it has been suggested that another thread be started to separate issues related to liquidation, company structure and management etc from issues related to service, maintenance and problems with operation of the system.Accordingly, to make it worthwhile having this thread we should restrict posts in this threads to the latter.Additional air blasting was introduced as a procedure while servicing was undertaken and chem washing was used on a couple of systems.Most of the other checks are visual and the checking of float switches for the alarm and pump and the air switch.

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Biofilm is what they want to call it nowadays, I'd call it sludge. A replacement pump of a similar sort, different brand, is about 0.

I for one would prefer to convert my BF-6 (early model) rather than wait until something eventuates via the liquidators There is a a new company being formed in Queensland by several of the tech staff from Biolytix from which spare parts such as Audio visual alarm conversion kits, pumps etc and they will be conducting servicing around the Queensland area with some alliances to some of the installers in at least Victoria.

Early days and I am not sure whether we can use this forum to promote them.

Apart from the Owners and Service manuals (available to all on Lawler's website) I also have instructions on installing a 30cm riser, if your tank is too low.

like mine (all parts to do this are available direct from Everhard agents) and on how to block off the overflow pipe (if, like mine, your's has one).

If anyone wants these just PM me with your email address.

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