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I had been observing her, and many others, for quite a while.I first noticed her whilst having a drink at the city bar where she had worked for a time.In that dimension time and space do not exist as we know them.On entry to it great care has to be taken to prepare the exit point in advance, as one could end up in some very unfavourable environments or situations. Various stratagems have been developed to make best use of time portals.s movements; have access to her apartment while she is at work and her office building at night, as well as anywhere else she frequents.A particular advantage is that the implants can be switched on or off allowing easy removal of the material when necessary.Its porous structure allows whatever it covers to These developments led directly to the invention of a series of female chastity devices.

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Before long she was almost sobbing her heart to me. Our researchers recently made some huge breakthroughs in obesity and body modification without resorting to surgery, dieting or drugs.At twenty four years of age she had not had a date for years, and never had a steady relationship beyond that of a high school friendship with a boy who had a serious case of acne.Unfortunately for her, he grew out of it, whilst she grew fatter. The medics warned that she faced severe heart strain if she didn She was very depressed, nearly suicidal, particularly after her widowed mother passed away suddenly.The few vulnerable females that exist in 3039 are protected from exploitation by strict laws.Twenty-first century females, on the other hand, are in plentiful supply, and are quite easily exploited.s easier that way.She was desperate for a man, and a man who would take control of her life.

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