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Once that was done she had to cross the Dog River Bar to get into the lower bay.

Tennessee drew 13 ft (4.0 m), but the bar had only 9 ft (2.7 m) of water at high tide.

The war was already winding down, and assertions were made that the morale of the soldiers was bad.

The judgment is hard to quantify, but it would explain at least in part the poor performance of the defenders.

The mouth of the bay is marked on the east by a long narrow peninsula of sand, Mobile Point, that separates Bon Secour Bay, where the Bon Secour River enters the larger bay, from the gulf.

The point ends at the main channel into Mobile Bay, and here the United States government erected a pre-war fort to shield Mobile from enemy fleets.

Across the main channel from Fort Morgan on Dauphin Island was Fort Gaines, containing 26 guns, and with a garrison of about 600.

When Page was not present, command of the fort fell to Colonel Charles D. The raw numbers of troops available do not indicate how effectively they would fight.

The city of Mobile is situated near the head of Mobile Bay, where a natural harbor is formed by the meeting of the Mobile and Tensaw rivers.Tennessee did not then retire, but engaged the entire Northern fleet.Tennessees armor enabled her to inflict more injury than she received, but she could not overcome the imbalance in numbers.She was eventually reduced to a motionless hulk and surrendered, ending the battle.With no Navy to support them, the three forts also surrendered within days.Local command was entrusted to Brigadier General Richard L. The primary contribution of the Confederate Army to the defense of Mobile Bay was the three forts.

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