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The Irish company had built up skills and expertise relevant to the European and international markets, said Cook, and was vital to Apple’s operations.

Almost in the same breath, however, he explained that it was nothing more than a holding com- pany whose function was to handle sales revenue ‘on which we already paid taxes’.

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Much of the hearing revolved around Apple’s use of three subsidiaries based in Ireland but not ‘resident’ in any country for honestly speaking I don’t see it as unfair, lam notan unfair person so I wouldn’t preside over that’ tax purposes, a concept several senators made a point of failing to understand.

One of those subsidiaries, Apple Operations In- ternational (AOI), had bn allocated to it over the last five years, but hadn’t filed a single tax return in that time, confirmed Apple’s head of tax, Phillip Bullock.

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Asked whether the company’s behaviour was fair, Cook replied: ‘Honestly speaking I don’t see it as unfair. so I wouldn’t preside over that.’ And he insisted: ‘We pay all the taxes we owe - every single dollar.’ But senator John Mc Cain said that, despite ‘the admiration we hold for Apple’, it was ‘completely outra- geous’ that the company had avoided paying taxes on what he said was bn of income over the past six years.

Citing double taxation is a typical apologia for tax avoidance arrangements, though in reality more than one tax is routinely paid on the same income.

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