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You can download a 30 days trial version of DDL, (fully functional), before you buy, just click on the Download Page button above or the download link on the left. "I have been using the Drivers Daily Log Program since January 2004., as we do not activate old versions, then complete the request form by clicking on the Activation Request Form button below. I began using the trial version and after about three weeks I decided to buy.You must have purchased DDL software, and have your DDLID number, or Customer ID number, or Order Confirmation number, or Transaction ID #. I have found that DDL has saved me Time and Money and hassles with DOT and my safety department, in fact I with the help of DDL caught a problem with my safety departments computer system, the problem was that their computers had not been purged completely of the old HOS rules so that the new HOS system would work properly and after doing so DDL was to thank.

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11/27/2007 PM NTNET\ncrawfor Loading update configuration from: Pkg 11/27/2007 PM NTNET\ncrawfor Starting DAT update. 11/27/2007 PM NTNET\ncrawfor Extracting Pkg Catalog.z. 11/27/2007 PM NTNET\ncrawfor Verifying MPEMSBCKDet. 11/28/2007 AM NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Update failed to version 4.0.5172. 11/28/2007 AM NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Searching available updates for Engine.If you do not have time or will not read the help/FAQ, as not taking the time can cost you money and time, by being placed out of service.Not all users have the same knowledge, most will find that it takes a few hours, and you're up and running, some will require about two weeks. Before updating we recommend you back up your driving folder to an external device.As of hrs MST all users were back to operational status and access to the Edgenuity platform was restored.Update - We are aware that students/educators are experiencing errors when logging into Edgenuity LMS.DDL will work fine on Windows 10, however you may need to update DDL to the latest version, then request a Activation code, if DDL stops working.

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