Sextus empiricus outlines of pyrrhonism online

While Sextus's writings may appear wanting in originality, they are a valuable compilation of the work of his predecessors, and for this very reason, they provide us with a much-needed description of ancient skepticism.

), who doubted that there is any way by which one can attain knowledge.

Then, without judging, they follow nature and custom, so that—for example—when they seem to be hungry, they eat.

They have peace of mind because they do not judge, and they are guided in their lives by their experience, their feelings, and the laws and customs of their society.

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He argued that to suspend judgment leads to a state of indifference toward the world and to a kind of inner tranquillity that enables one to live at peace in a troubled world.The Skeptics contend that the dogmatists never achieve peace because they worry about never knowing whether their theories are true.However, Skeptics, who suspend judgment, achieve peace of mind because they escape such worry.To achieve this tranquillity, one must first achieve suspension of judgment.Skeptical arguments are offered by Sextus to encourage such suspension.The actual school of Pyrrhonian thought began much later, in the first century It developed out of the radical Skepticism that had been prevalent in Plato’s Academy under Arcesilaus and Carneades.

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