Sex at sleep away camp


All of the victims had at one point teased or tormented Angela, dying soon after.

It is not revealed until the twist ending of the film that the killer is in fact "Peter," who survived the boat accident and was raised as his deceased sister Angela by his aunt.

Murders are again committed by an unknown person at the camp, but it is revealed that Angela has made a return in another disguise, a male police officer named Sheriff Jerry who uses an artificial voice box due to supposedly having had throat cancer.

Hiltzik reportedly planned a further sequel following Return titled Sleepaway Camp Reunion," initially announced to be released in October 2011, but it is unknown if it evolved past the pre-production stages.

Despite this, Angela is still the focal character of the films.It was set to have a limited release to theaters in 3D and would see the return of Angela, Ricky and Aunt Martha.Similarly to Reunion, another entry in the series was co-written by the director of Sleepaway Camp II and III, Michael A.Sleepaway Camp Reunion was set for DVD release by Magnolia Pictures in October 2011, with a limited 3D release in theaters; but the film was not made.The script for another sequel, tentatively titled Sleepaway Camp: Berserk," was co-written by the director of Sleepaway Camp II and III, Michael A. The original Sleepaway Camp was written and directed by Robert Hiltzik and released in 1983.It features comedic elements, mostly jokes made by Angela as she kills her fellow campers for being "bad" campers—disobeying the rules (e.g.

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