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The consistent results from Meerfelder Maar imply that the overestimation observed for Ulmener Maar quartz OSL might not be relative to the eruption age, but rather represents a small absolute offset.In samples taken from deposits of the eruption of Laacher See Volcano, no resetting of the OSL signal and highly scattered IRSL estimates were found.

In Southeast Asia, stegodons are remarkable for being one of only a few large-bodied species to be relatively common in the fossil record of both small and large islands (Van den Bergh, 1999).

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Stegodons are a commonly recovered extinct proboscidean (elephants and allies) from the Pleistocene record of Southeast Asian oceanic islands.

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Nelson (1993), in the last ANTIQUITY, declared doubts about an old date for rock art in northern Australia we published in 1990.

This implies that phreatomagmatic eruptions are less well suited for this dating approach compared to pure phreatic maar eruptions, where the effect of high-pressure shock waves probably dominates the process of resetting the luminescence signal.

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