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I`ve already written a short review in the past but it didn`t feel right, this longtime companion deserves more than 3 sentences, it deserves a poem, a song, a requiem.I was 19 when a then-boyfriend who came from a trip to Paris gifted me with what would become my holy grail.What about layering ‘Rush’ (Tom Ford — poppers) with ‘Tuscan Leather’ (Tom Ford — brick)?I just purchased ‘Gucci Rush’ because of these reasons: It's fun. It smells like minimal techno or drumnbass towards its end in clubs. Katie Puckrik: 'Nature doesn't always have the last word.’ The flacon is a red opac videocassette… It's a projection of the success and sex glamour of the young Tom Ford.

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It's strange that most people get Peach because I have never thought of it as a fruity fragrance. I'm trying to wait it out for the final dyrdown, but I think the headache is going to win out and this one might have to get scrubbed off.

I know that a lot of people despise the bottle, I, on the contrary, admire it, I remember being fascinated by this packaging, it looked so futuristic.

I was used to, like most of us, to the pretty glass elegant bottles, this was not.

Only thing to dislike: If you spray it on clothes, the dry down might remind you of ‘Sunflowers‘ by Elizabeth Arden. The first time I smelt it was in vogue magazine at my friend's house in 1999. I had never smelled anything like it and this kicked off my obsession with perfume.

I begged my mom to get it for me 5 years later I received it for Christmas.

The last time we saw them was at a Pilates class just after the Christmas holidays, but clearly they're still tight.

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