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Dolores is hurt that Teresa didn’t immediately defend her to Danielle.

Frank says that Teresa has a lot going on and she will come around eventually.

I’m pretty sure everyone with any sense put their house on the market if it has a big white staircase with ugly black railings like so many of these giant, gaudy places do.

That look is more worn out than Louboutin shoes and Birkin bags.

The other night Jac was posting about how sad it was that the ratings fell flat this season when they worked so hard last season to get them up. Joe wants everyone to give their sincere feedback on each dish. Teresa and Melissa are making a big deal out of Frank moving back in with Dolores. Why are these women so consumed with everyone else’s personal business. Danielle quickly tries to rally Teresa to her side before Dolores gets there. At the party Danielle said basically that Teresa should be leery of Dolores because she told her that “Teresa has no friendships that mean more to her than money.” These two statements are completely different.

This completely overshadowed what should have become the focal point of the scene and that is the conversation that needed to happened, and was trying to happen, between Dolores and Teresa.Teresa says she thinks there should be more old photos on the wall. At the shop, Gia points out to Teresa that she doesn’t discipline the girls because she is afraid that they will hate her. In her confession she basically says she doesn’t want to be the mom, she just wants to do fun things and go on vacation. Speaking of poor parenting, Siggy is at lunch with her parents complaining that Josh doesn’t listen to her.She doesn’t want a photo of Melissa and Joe that Joe picked on the wall because Melissa is “only a Gorga by injection.” Teresa goes on to say if Joe divorces her she won’t be a Gorga anymore. Gia is having this conversation in a very respectful way. Her mother points out that her mother allowed her to go back to the US from Israel for her last two years of high school.At one point she says something like what do I know, I am not the mom, but when you were away, Dad was very strict. She says that Siggy needs to let Josh go where he needs to go.We had rules And Milania in particular needs structure. Joe and Melissa stop by Teresa’s house and over a bottle of wine discuss Teresa’s comments at the pizzeria.The topic that had been set up at least five time during this hour.

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