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He doesn't mind his family's story going public because "it's important," he said. The support she found in Lehwald and other friends helped her through difficult times, she said."When I was younger, in middle school, I did get made fun of for it," Molnar said. Molnar is nervous and not sure she wants to see herself on TV."I think we should really bring light to it and let people be who they want to be."Lehwald's girlfriend, Danielle, described her family as more reserved. Transgender people face even more resistance from mainstream society than the broader gay community, according to a Harris Poll commissioned by the organization GLAAD in late 2014.We can't strive on hatred."In a video trailer of "Becoming Us" released by ABC Family, Carly says to her family: "I am a beautiful woman, and my insides are beginning to match my outsides for the first time in my life."Ben responds, choking back tears, "I love you.""I love you," Carly answers, gripping his hand.Jin Xing, the first person in China to have her transgender identity recognised by the government, is a household name as a talk-show host.She was 10 when her father explained that he wanted to be a woman. Transgender people may be straight, lesbian, gay or bisexual.

In other matchmaking programmes in which the participants are young people, it’s possible that the guests are given money and talk as instructed by programme directors.

The two are no longer dating but remain close friends, she said.

The decision to go forward with filming the series came after Lehwald recovered from a rough year as a freshman.

Jin, 50, underwent gender reassignment surgery in 1995 in Beijing, when already a renowned dancer. Last year their production team approached me about potential cooperation on a new programme.

Despite her huge success as a television host, she says she would prefer dancing to hosting TV programmes if forced to choose just one job. I liked their idea of having parents help children select partners since it matches Chinese people’s concept of marriage as not only a deal between two people, but also a deal between two families.

He and family members allowed cameras to film them last year for the show, "Becoming Us," which the network describes as an "unscripted docu-series."As transgender people become more visible and open about their identities, advocates say much work remains to be done toward building acceptance in society.

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