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I had no idea this was in the pipes, but two hours ago they released this: A duet collab between Rainbow’s Hyunyoung and some dude (okay, “Sool J”), featuring Rainbow’s rapper Woori on the female rapping side. This could be like the “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” of 2015! I mean, here I am with the Rainbow comeback, the Lovelyz comeback, the Fiestar comeback, the eminent comebacks from Crayon Pop and Dal Shabet […] –asks an allkpop member in the forums, and I’m like, “Thank God! Ah, the scintillation of that musical glitch, that wakes the girls into effusive girlish frolics, and gets Noeul and Yoonhye merrily flouncing about in their tight sweaters. –Last musically reconnoitered back in January with the Rainbow BLAXX subunit, when she was barely 25, but still– Jaekyung is looking fine, and will, we trust, take us back over the Rainbow again in the new year.Hyunyoung could […] K-pop’s most underrated girl group turns 2000 days old: Girl group Rainbow is celebrating 2000 days since its debut in 2009. [Ed: If it’s about psychotic breakdown, you’d think chicks would be all over this.] –Hey, everybody loves psychological horror. K-pop girl group Rainbow observes its 5th anniversary today.Will it be a blast of pure pop color like The Rainbow Syndrome? Going by the teaser photos, it’s set to be bright and sparkly, but with the group’s longevity and leggy […] —In February, as they did last year, and when they did then it was with the magnificent Innocent album and single “Black Swan”.Which alas were a huge flop commercially– but good Lord what an awesome record!And Noeul rocking the shiniest wetlook leggings (but Woori gets a comparatively matte pair too).Best of all, Goddess Yoonhye when she had lines, raps, and plenty of time to show her presence!Ji Chang Wook said, ‘I will continue to date in secret, I believe.There are good points to going public with it but also a lot of bad.

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Thanks and love to my fellow […] Rainbow’s tragically underrated “Black Swan”: –the Michael Cimino-level genius flop of K-pop.

Two wonderful groups, but what an irony in the passing of the guard of the Hallyu Wave!

[Update:] OMG this GFriend member is Yerin, and she’s so cute I […] Rainbow is set to comeback– for, we must fear, the final time– with an album mysteriously entitled Prism.

Advertisements The moody, mooneyed Rainbow seductress pouts and outthrusts her sweater puppies amid the darkling sparkling stage for “Black Swan”: And in spite of the compromised audio that comes with these “fancams”, this is one time where the experience is not merely of scholarly note but becomes a viewing experience unto itself.

You wouldn’t even have […] That epic sequence when it’s A Pink, Dal Shabet, Laboum, T-ara, and Rainbow in a row! And I don’t catch any Oh My Girl or GFriend either.

I happened of my own accord to watch this “Pretend” performance on […] Rainbow just disbanded. ” The glorious innocents simper and sing their way through their latest megahit masterpiece! […] Rainbow took up a suggestively 90s-retro costume theme for this “Whoo” stage a couple of weeks back.

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