Radioactive dating gcse questions

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When it dies a living organism takes in no more carbon from the atmosphere and the percentage of C-14 will decrease.

The ratio of C-14 to total carbon is found and from this the age can be calculated.

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MLXZ classification of an atom in a compound now testing!An atom has a central nucleus composed of protons and neutrons.The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom determines which element the atom is. Atomic Mass Unit (u): This is a convenient mass unit to use when dealing with the masses of atoms and nuclear particles.SFCSM: States of Matter: Solid, Liquid and Gas Ask Eric Solutions and Concentrations SFCTM: Theories of Matter SFCPF: Pressure in Fluids Mediacen: Seawater vs Fresh Water TLMTT: The Living Machine as a Teaching Tool Chemistry Teaching Resources WWW Chemistry Resources Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide Chemistry Resources Links for Chemists / Virtual Library Chemistry Section Chemistry in the Yahoo!Directory High School Chemistry Resources on the Web Science Teachers' Resource Center General Chemistry Online: Home Computational Chemistry Resources on the WWW The Catalyst: Chemistry Resources For Teachers UCSB Libraries - Chemistry Chemistry Resources on the Internet [Internet Resources] Chemistry I Index WWW Chemistry Resources Inorganic Chemistry Resources Chemistry Resources The Chemistry Hypermedia Project at Virginia Tech US FDA/CFSAN Library of Chemistry Information Chemistry and New Zealand Sheffield Chemdex - Home web links homepage OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY-RESOURCES FOR ORGANIC CHEMISTRY Instructional Resources for Chemistry Caltech Library System Organic Chemistry Resources Quiz Hub Chemistry Links Description: Documents about Chemistry produced or collected by the Pentagon and distributed by Storming Media, including ones about Biochemistry; Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Processing; Inorganic Chemistry; Isotopes; Organic Chemistry; Pharmacology; Physical Chemistry; Polymer Chemistry; and Toxicology.: Storming Media provides unclassified reports and documents from the Pentagon, most about science, technology or policy.Description: a silver-white, lustrous, hard metal that can be magnetised.

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