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Results: Outpatients suffered from hypertension significantly longer compared with the inpatients (p=0.004). Method of diagnostic survey was used, with an own questionnaire as a research tool. Daily consumption of fruits and vegetables reported 44.3% of respondents. The vast majority of respondents (78%) had concomitant diseases, most often - coronary heart disease (41.6%).Vyjadri svoju osobnosť a ukáž svoj štýl módnym polepom! SI svoj i Phone, i Pad, HTC Desire, SAMSUNG Galaxy S, SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab, Playstation 3, alebo Xbox 360 a odlíš sa! SI ...čo len chcešWRX Slovakia • satelitne telefony satellite phones Iridium Inmarsat Thuraya Globalstar • radiostanice vysielacky two-way radios Motorola Tait Vertex • paging broadband • videokonferencie videoconference Avaya Radvision - Wyrestorm – Hľadáte nejakú kvalitnú banku, ktorá by vám ponúkla skutočne skvelé podmienky?Potrebujete účet, ktorý bude vedený zadarmo a tiež by sa hodila nejaká možnosť rezervy?Methods The study was carried out between January and March 2015.

The Mann Whitney non-parametric U test, Kruskal-Wallis test and the Chi-squared test were used to assess the differences between the groups of independent variables. Results A total of 113 individuals were included in the study.It’s first section contained questions about participants’ demographics, whereas in the second one, participants were asked to respond to both open- and close-ended questions regarding duration of the disease, family history of CVD, concomitant diseases, current weight and height.Participants were also asked to recall their health behaviors regarding diet, exercising, smoking, alcohol drinking, sleep duration and ways to cope with stress. Methods: A cross-sectional study of 113 patients hospitalized and treated in the cardiology clinic in the Railway Hospital in Wilkowice-Bystra (Poland) was performed. The aim of the present study was an analysis of the health behaviors in hypertensive patients.World web – Potrebujete si urobiť nové webové stránky, aby si vás všetci všimli na internete a potom prišli nakupovať priamo do kamenného obchdu?

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