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Sheets("Current Week") Set sh Prior Week = Active Workbook. Sheets("Prior Week") Set sh Pivot = Active Workbook. After lots of research and asking lots of questions, Byron Wright gave me the key to my answer.

This website may not reflect the most current information on record.The User field is the name of the user that needs to be in the Managed By list.Side Note: In Exchange 2003, if you needed multiple people to manage a DG, you could add one of them to the Managed By field for the DG, but you needed to add the others by using Active Directory permissions on the DG object in AD.I have a file that has the names of Distribution Groups and the Users that need to have Managed By permissions so they can update the members of the Distribution Group.The file contents look like this: The Identify field is the name of the distribution group.So, in the case above, if you were to run the command , it would work fine. There is no add option for multivalued fields when it comes to Power Shell.

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