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They made deals to trade photographs, bargaining pictures of women in different positions in exchange for others.

They spoke of what they would do if they could get them in bed.

They went back as far as 2014 and were as recent as this week.

But police chiefs from two area towns say it’s the first they’ve heard about a site of this nature.

Heagney said he’s dealt with nude photographs shared school-wide by text messages sent from unsuspecting teenagers to their boyfriends on numerous occasions.

A first-offense disorderly conduct or breach of peace charge carries a maximum punishment of 0.Now, he’s concerned some of the photographs could be considered child pornography if the females pictured were under 18 when the photographs were taken.In surveying the site, The Sun Chronicle encountered posts that asked for photographs of freshmen, sophomores and juniors from area high schools.All persons featured on site were not less than 18 when they were photographed. Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney, sitting, and North Attleboro Police Chief John Reilly in the computer forensics room at the North Attleboro Police Department. But she was so doubtful that anything would be done. They won.’”But now, seeing her own photographs posted on the site, the woman was angry. The images were seemingly shared with or taken by former boyfriends or lovers. If you are under age we prohibit further access to our site.

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