Pregnant show cam


Other dogs will treat their pregnant owner with more attention and care than usual.

One woman I worked with had a difficult pregnancy and ended up on bedrest.

Cameran proudly holds the sonogram, while her preppy hubby holds a pink balloon.

Along with the colorful image, the reality star wrote, "Times a changin' y'all!

The pregnant giraffe has finally entered the final stage of her 15 month pregnancy at Animal Adventure Park in upstate New York. ” April’s fans have been sitting on the edge of their seats for the past month as the mum-to-be kept everyone guessing when she could have her calf.

Excitement around the pregnant giraffe has sparked an online sensations with millions watching April’s You Tube live stream. “The labour alert just went out and the team is assembling now.”“Dr Tim is on his way, we are in labour! But the moment has finally arrived and excited fans have flooded social media to tweet about the live-streamed event.

The baby will weigh an approximate 150 pounds on birth and will be as tall as a grown man, at six foot tall.

I've worked with dogs that growled, barked, or blocked doors with their bodies to prevent other family members – even the baby's father – from coming into the same room as the mom-to-be.Your dog and cat will pick up other signs, too: They're masters at reading body language, so they'll notice when your movements start to get more awkward.Pets are also highly attuned to changes in your daily routine – say, if you're not taking your dog for runs as often as you used to, if you're spending more time on the couch, or if family members are treating you with extra care.APRIL THE GIRAFFE LIVE UPDATES – CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW“Who could have ever predicted this, unfolding as it has. But labour itself only takes two to three hours before the whole ordeal is wrapped up.April will give birth to the calf standing up which will help the dropping baby break through its amniotic sac. We don't have scientific proof that pets sense their owners' pregnancies, but I've seen plenty of examples of this in my ten years as an animal trainer.

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