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A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. We need only mention one speci- men of this style, the Cathedral at Rosmarky or Fortrose, which is of the purest and most elaborate architecture. The chapel to the north is late fourteenth century. Pope's own words inform us that the walls only rose to a height of twelve feet, and then closed in in a dome-shaped roof. It is curious to note, as showing how little geographical strategy alters, that during the army manoeuvres in Wiltshire in 1898, our commissaries, with- out having consulted any antiquarian authorities whatsoever, planted their principal camps on the very identical sites on which the Roman legions rested during their conquest of Southern Britain.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. PAOB Notes on Two Copibs of thb Solemn League and Covenant Preserved in the Hunterian Museum of the University OF Glasgow. Digitized by Google SCOTTISH ECCLESIASTICAL MONUMENTS 3 Your attention will be called to the Scottish Ecclesiastical monuments that remain during the years 1060^1560, a period of 500 years, but confining ourselves to the Cathedrals, Abbejrs, and Priories. Johes Wallwork 45 III- filius Nicholai Wallworke Man- chestriensis. The North Transept was built in 1640 by Sir George Bruce of Car- nock, doubtless on the old foundations. Consequently there was no occasion for any staircase in the wall Thus, these '* Pictish houses," while distinctiy allied to the "brochs," reveal themselves as forming a separate variety of the general order of Cyclopean structures. In addition to principal bases in warfare, there are secondary bases, and as an army advances into a hostile country so day by day it gets more distant from its base, and begins to feel less secure^ and it is most desirable to provide a new 'point d'appui' before going Digitized by Google ANCIENT AND MODERN PRINCIPLES OF FORTIFICATION 471 onwards, as well as a new base.

[An Address delivered ai the Annual General Meeting held on vjih November^ 1898.] lit the year 1392 Bishop Bar, who had presided over the See bf Moray for thirty years, wrote to King Robert III. By permission of the Earl of Home, the Society was permitted to see the interior of the house, and a number of historical relics which it contains were exhibited. Mitchell In addition to those whose names have been already mentioned there were present at the Dinner, the Provost of Lanark, Sheriff Fyfe and Mr. Under this destination it is now held by the present Marquess of Lansdowne, whose mother, the late Marchioness, was the eldest daughter of the Comtesse Flahault The castle, in old da3rs, must have been situated dose to the Forth, the tract of ground which now divides it from this water having been reclaimed, and was encompassed by a rectangular enclosure, defended by a ditch and mound. There is an entrance from outside to the Great Hall which is a very peculiar feature. Leaving Tulliallan the Society drove to Culross, where, in the first place, a visit was paid (by permission of Miss Luke, the proprietrix) to the so- called "Palace," the former residence of Sir George Bruce. Justices were assigned to hear the cause, and the bishop, being found guilty, was delivered over to his episcopal brethren to be kept in custody, and his 'temporal- ties * were seized,* he being * atteint de transgression incontre le peace.* On this the Pope was appealed to. After each section of the masonry wall is built, then it is time to think of strengthening its defence, thereby reducing the number of the permanent garrison who would eventually occupy it when finished; also in order to make each section in course of construction into a close work of defence if necessary, in case of attack before the whole line of masonry wall is finished.

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VINCENT STREET ^it Uudttts to ttu Sidbtrsiis MCM Digitized by Goog Ie_ CIJISGOW: PUNTBD AT THB UNITBlt SITV n UCSS BY KOBBRT MACLBH08B AND Ca Digitized by Google CONTENTS OF PART I. It is cruciform, with aisles to the nave 113*8 feet by 21*6 — to the roof it is 71 feet — and the transept is 89*5 feet It was saved from Reformation violence by the affectionate zeal of the townsmen. In the evening the members and their friends dined together in the Royal Hotel, Dunfermline, under the presidency of Dr. ,, HH Digitized b^i C K ^ TRANSACTIONS OF THE GLASGOW ARCH^O LOGICAL SOCIETY NEW SERIES. Part II GLASGOW Published for the Society by JAMES MACLEHOSE & SONS, ST. Now, it is certain that one cannot accept the tradition of fairy origin as undoubted proof that a mound so distinguished is really an artificial structure. The loss of the first line would not have be^i so very serious, except for the bad moral effect and loss of prestige which would have ensued, as the second and stronger lines always lay behind To occupy 50 miles of lines and man 150 forts at Torres Vedras took quite a few men, but they were there available. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. It was used as the parish church till 1822, when the new one was built close by. It comprises a nave 64 by 23 feet, of the same dimensions as the choir, and, like it, without aisles: a transept 70 by 18 feet, and a central tower 75 feet high and 26 by 22 feet On the left was the cloister, one arch of which remains whole. The Cathedral at Elgin is the most splendid ecclesiastical ruin in Scotland. filius Magistri Joannis Walkin- shaw a IValhinshaw, Jo. The Society drove fipom Cuboss to Dunfermline, stopping on the way to visit Pitfirrane Castle, where they were most courteously and hospitably received by Sir Arthur and Lady Halkett Pitfirrane has been in posses- sion of the Halkett family firom an early period. But it is possible to say that where three have been found without being specially looked for, the probability is that more will be found when they are looked for."! Look at Mass^na sullenly retreating after long observation from the lines at Torres Vedras in 181 1. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . com/ ^%^ 3^.t* l^ar&ar Di College 1/tbrars FROM THB B£C^UEST OP JOHN AMORY LOWELL, (Oi»«« of leis). Scot., - - - 38 The Inscriptions on the Distance-Slabs of the Vallum or Wall OF Antoninus Pius. North of the cloister is the refectory, and East of it is the chapter house, of which the roof is entire. It was founded in 1224, and was burnt by the "Wolf of Badenoch" in 1390. In February, 1568, by the order of Regent Moray, the lead was stripped from the roof in order to furnish money to pay his soldiers. On 4th December, 1637, a high wind blew down the rafters of the choir. The further progress of decay has now been arrested. The ruins consist of a magnificent west front, flanked on each side by a square tower 84 feet high — of a nave with double aisles — a transept — a choir with aisles — and a chapter house, very perfect, of octagonal form with a central pillar supporting the roof. Ross, Fortrose Cathedral, called also Chanonry, dedicated to S. Peter and Boniface, was an architectural gem of the purest and most elaborate Middle-Pointed. It was erected Digitized by Google 6 THE PRESERVATION OF in the begmning of the 14th century. The Castie is a very interesting specimen of an old Scots mansion. What may prove to be a good working clue to guide the investigator to the proper mounds is already suggested in this paper. In these celebrated lines the first line was 29 miles long from sea to sea, the second line 24 miles long, and from 6 to 10 miles in rear of the first, the third lines were quite short and intended only to cover a forced embarkation. This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. By Hugh Davidson, 155 Annual Excursions of the Society for 18, ... ^ Partick Old Mii-l and Bridge, Tofau 23 Four Plates of Illustrations of Armour and Arms at Egunton Castle, etc — V Plate I. We owe to this style chiefly the conventual churches of Holyrood, Arbroath, Dryburgh, Paisley, Dundrennan, Kilwin- ning, Restennet, Crossraguel, Coldingham, Lindores, Feme, Pluscardine, Cambuskenneth, Deir, Saddell, Ardchattan, and Oronsay. The Tower shows two periods, the lower part being the older, which, with the westmost door, is probably of the thirteenth century ; the vault and work above it, including the eastmost and internal doors, is probably of the sixteenth century. Fargeau, 406 Plan of the Chateau, 408 Digitized by Google No. Both must have been prior to the Low German popula- tion of the Netherlands. This it, the absence of a staircase in the wall, leading to one or more upper stories. But if one body was using the East Coast road along the shore line from Newcastle-on-Tjrne as a base, and the other using Carlisle as a base, they would be actmg on 'exterior' lines. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. Fia i, Sun of Gilt Armour worn by Earl of Egunton at Egunton Tournament. The Middle-Pointed occupied the period between 1286, between the death of Alexander IIL in the middle of the 13th century, till the change of religion in the middle of the i6th. Digitized by Google ISO NOTES ON TWO COPIES OF THE Robertas Watsoune 49 IV. The original finish, shown by Slezer, was a parapet and saddle-back roof, as at Torphichen, Dundee, etc. But the reason of thb omission is quite apparent ; for the sectional view and Mr. From our knowledge, however, of the country and Roman roads of approach we think the East Coast road was not used, unless there were three columns of advance, except vi& the present Waverley route of the Midland Railway, namely, parallel to the Gala Water. Refrain from automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Collie's Glasgow Cathedral, The Book of Glasgow Cathedral, Visit to Glasgow Cathedral, by J. Mac^egor Chalmers, to the various pamphlets that have been issued fixm time to time. It was a Cathedral Priory of the Augustinian Canons. Argyll, Lismore (the Cathedral of St Moluac) was a diocese separated from Dunkeld in the beginning of the 13th century. The Cathedral of Argyll was less than 60 feet in length by 30 in breadth, without aisles or transept Now it is modernized and used as a parish church. The side walls of the chancel remain, lighted by very simple pointed windows. About a quarter mile north there are remains of what is considered to have been the Lodge, with indications of an arched pend, showing the probable extent of the enclosing walls. Scot., Vice-President, • - - • 252 The Early Christian Monuments of the Glasgow District. Now, although there are other artificial mounds which have been claimed as true brochs, I find it difficult — on that assump- tion — ^to account for the mass of earth heaped around and above the stone-work, which gave the whole the appearance of a conical grassy hillock. Look then at the Chinese wall, 2000 miles long, 40 feet high, and wide enough on top to drive two coaches and four abreast; look at it now, — in places not 100 miles from Pekin it has dwindled down to a miserable mud wall, not 20 feet high, and of no thickness, and with gaps in it from a quarter to half a mile in width, large enough to admit a brigade.

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