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It was widely talked about, one of those dirty little secrets that insiders know.

It was all about to come out in the wash, as they say, of how Bruce’s paid, crooked informant cooked up fraud with a federal agent.

It may have been coincidence, but the US Attorney suddenly dropped the case against the innocent men.

So this poor guy who called me said he had been one of the innocents (he was indicted but the case was dismissed), and he had been through hell before all the charges were dropped (while Bruce and the informant and the agents were having a riot – a Tony Bruce special).

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Their husbands, fathers and sons had the ax hanging above them, waiting to be acquitted, tempted a thousand times to take the plea he dangled before them and escape the torture.He charged Kandar (who was in India) in a 31-count mail fraud and money laundering indictment and of defrauding the New York State Office of General Services.The same actions Kamdar had been previously acquitted on, he was now charged in federal court.Kamdar voluntarily agreed to return to the US to defend against the indictment, and was taken into custody by special agents at JFK airport.In Brooklyn, he was interviewed by an officer of the U. Probation and Pretrial Services System, Amina Adossa Ali, in order to make a recommendation to the judge for bail.After his acquittal, Kamdar went back to India, but Bruce wasn’t going to let it go.

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