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that evening (and the area hadn't seen so much as an inch of rainfall in months!“In Italy, they say rain on your wedding day is symbolic of fresh beginnings, cleansing, a pure marriage, and also a wet knot that can’t be untied,” Whitney said.…continue reading » Is other hunters we always go out of our way to help another hunter.Thanks for the pics makes me feel more confendent in the woods now.Minnesota music fans will get to make that comparison for themselves because U2 is next up — on Sept.Kay Marie Osborn a lifetime Cozad resident passed away October 4, 2017 at Cozad Community Hospital, she was 77 years old.

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Fireworks exploded, confetti rained and colorful LED bracelets on the wrists of 45,000 fans blinked in time to the music.

It's almost like the writers tried to force her likability on viewers by making her seem sympathetic.

Their feral creator in Portland, a voodoo 'baron', is in league with captain Renard's rogue brother Eric, who visits from Vienna to discuss dynastic matters.

Even if they had not an inkling, they've accomplished all of that with Coldplay — and then some.

Frontman Martin danced like a dork down a long runway, an American flag tucked in his multicolored belt.

Even if some of Coldplay's biggest hits are mellow and often melancholy ballads, he's all about optimism, uplift and plain old fun in concert.

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