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yet alas such queries has produced squat on the matters.Any help/answers/guidance would be deeply Aaaaaand yet one more question, just tried to search for this but again kept finding general "how to" stuff I already know.I did, and he was satisfied with it and then I thought, "You know what?Alot of people seem to want premade permissions files or they don't know how to do it, so why not post it to help people out? So go into you plugins folder, navigate to Permissions EX, delete the current file with this one and your all done. So I am a moderator on a new survival/factions server.Is there a way to give permissions to an entire category of commands ie the General commands?Welcome to b Permissions, a Superperms Manager for Bukkit!Now note, I wrote this completely by hand, no template, so there may be issues. Also, it has been reported to me that if you have already editted the original PEX permissions file then you may encounter issues when replace it with and using my

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To read about those, visit this page Want more commands? Currently there's no way to have just the users or the groups mirrored, stay tuned for an update that adds this! Essentials Chat b Permissions works for prefix and color.You can do /pex group rank to set the ladder rank for that group.Example: /pex group player rank 10 /pex group member rank 9 (Whatever ones in between) /pex group mod rank 3 /pex group admin rank 2 /pex group owner rank 1 And then add the ladder name, which, by default, is default, so you can add default at the end of all the permissions once you've done that to add them to the ladder.My intent is to supply everyone on my server the /rules command and producing a message upon login to "/rules to view the Rules" instead of the silly sign rules that so many servers use.I believe spawning into a world with a wall of signs stating the common "Do Not ask for items/to be OP'd, Do not spam" (usual givens) can really take away from the aesthetics of a spawn town/marketplace.However you choose to get support, "pls dont use txt spk," and make sure you use actual grammar.

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